Network Challenge With Jacob Whittle (ITI-S1E2)03:45

Published on February 21, 2019

In the second episode of The IT Inquisition Network Challenge, sponsored by Engineering Deathmatch, Jacob Whittle attempts to beat Patrick Gargano’s score of 47 from the first episodes. Does he have what it takes to pull ahead and take the number one spot on the leaderboard? Watch as Jacob tackles the questions around BGP, EIGRP, and other routing topics to try and take out Patrick!

1. In EIGRP, what is the best path to a destinationn called?

Feasible Successor


2. What type of network allows users and devices to simultaneously use IPv4 and IPv6 protocols?

Dual Stack


3. What is the per packet overhead of PPPoE?

8 bytes


4. What is the administrative distance of an EIGRP external route?



5. What administrative distance causes a route to be removed from the routing table?



6. Within BGP when we form a BGP connection with another BGP speaking device in the same AS, what type of connection are we making?

iBGP Connection


7. What is the appropriate command to list all successor and feasible successor routes known to a router for EIGRP?

show ip eigrp topology all links


8. How many bytes smaller is the TCP MSS than the MTU?



9. What vendor agnostic BGP attribute can we use to control which path has preference to exit the AS in order to reach a specific destination?

local preference


10. What was the name of the first domain name ever registered?



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