Networking Challenge With Chris Miles (ITI-S1E3)03:51

Published on February 28, 2019

Chris Miles is the next contestant into the question gauntlet on The IT Inquisition, sponsored by Engineering Deathmatch ( ). Does Chris have what it takes to beat the formidable score put up by Jacob Whittle in the last episode? Will he be the first contestant who is able to correctly answer the bonus non-technology question? There’s only one way to find out, watch the episode!

As always, if you’d like to see if you have what it takes to meet the challenge in this episode, see below try out the questions yourself!

1. In OSPF, what does LSA stand for?

Link State Advertisement


2. Within EIGRP: bandwidth, load, delay, reliability, and MTU are often referred to as what?

K Value


3. What is the Cisco proprietary mechanism for managing Etherchannel bundles?



4. Within EIGRP, what feature can be implemented to reduce the EIGRP query domain size?



5. What routing protocol uses TCP port 179 for communicating between neighbors?



6. What command is used to direct DHCP requests to a DHCP server on another network?

ip helper-address


7. Which first hop redundancy protocol permits load balancing amongst the participating gateways?



8. When this is enabled, interfaces will go to forwarding mode immediately and will skip the listening and learning state.



9. What command allows a separate voice VLAN to be configured on a standard access switchport?

switchport voice vlan


10. What iconic video game character was created as the result of an internal company contest?

Sonic the Hedgehog


So how did you do?  Make sure to check back next week for the thrilling conclusion of this series of The IT Inquisition!

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