Getting Started With DNA Center (S4E2)13:17

Published on December 17, 2018

In this episode, sponsored by Cisco, contestants David Penaloza and Joel Sprague must battle it out to learn Cisco DNA Center and help deploy intent based networking to the National Clown Health Institute.  As two contestants who have never used this technology, it will really be a race to see who understands how to use it first, especially since they only have 45 minutes to complete the challenge!

Challenge Details

The National Clown Health Institute has recently opened up a new Hospital specializing in in clown car injuries at their multi-campus facility in Orlando, FL. Using DNA Center, we would like you to deploy and design the third floor of their new building located at 12001 Research Parkway, Orlando FL, 32826.


Using the following guides to assist you. These are located under the Resource section of the DNA Center documentation:

  • DNA Design and Provision Guide
  • DNA Center Segmentation Guide
  • DNA Center Assurance guide

Keep in mind that you have 45 minutes to complete these tasks:

  1. Network Design using intuitive workflows
  • Add a new building in Orlando, FL
  • Use Address: 12001 Research Pkwy. 3rd Floor, Orlando, FL 32826
  • Provision the floor using wireless Corporate SSID
  • Assign the Campus_WLC3 to the site and then provision it.
  1. Create a Virtual Network and define user and device profiles that facilitate secure access and network segmentation
  • Create a group called Medical (Nurses, Doctors and Guests)
  • Set a policy so Guests cannot talk to Doctors or Nurses
  • Create a new Access Contract that denies device access to SSH and SFTP
  1. Use DNA Assurance to gain insight on the health of the network.
  • Create a Dashboard that includes the following:
    •           Client Heath Summary
    •           Client OnBoarding Times
    •           Client Devices
  • Retrieve the following stats from this dashboard:
    •           List the User_ID of the top 4 wireless Clients that have a poor health rating
    •           List the overall percentage of onboarding attempts that are >= 10ms
    •           List the User_IDs of all the wired clients that have a poor health Rating.
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