Network Challenge with Patrick Gargano (ITI-S1E1)04:01

Published on February 14, 2019

In the first ever episode of The IT Inquisition, sponsored by Engineering Deathmatch, Patrick Gargano must race the clock to answer questions about Cisco networking and get the best score possible. Will he earn enough points on this CCNP level challenge to stay at the top of the leaderboard?  Make sure to check back next week for the next episode and see how Patrick’s score holds up!

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Before you watch, maybe you want to see how you do with the questions yourself?  See below to find out!

1. What multicast destination IP address does HSRP send its yellow messages to?


2. When multiple BGP paths are available, what is the first attribute examined in BGPs best path algorithm?



3. What OSPF router type belongs to multiple areas and connects these areas to the backbone area?



4. What is the first 16-bit BGP Autonomous System number available for private use?



5. What is area 0 in OSPF known as?

Backbone Area


6. What protocol is used to determine the OSPF DR and BDR election?

Hello Protocol


7. By default, how many Spanning Tree instances will be present on a Cisco Catalyst switch?

1 Per VLAN


8. Within Spanning Tree, which mode allows for multiple separate spanning tree instances?

Multiple Spanning Tree


9. What are OSPF routers that communicated with other routers using protocols like EIGRP called?



10. What video game company originally sold leather goods?



That’s the quiz, check back next week for the next episode of The IT Inquisition!

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