Engineering Deathmatch

Cisco Live 2017 Filming Dates!

We are just around the corner from Cisco Live and we’ve got a boat load of Engineering Deathmatch episodes that we will be filming there!  Don’t miss out on any of the Engineering Deathmatch action!

Monday, June 26th

When: 1 PM
Where: DevNet Zone
Who: Brad Edgeworth versus Jody Lemoine
What: Join us for the first ever Engineering Deathmatch white boarding challenge sponsored by Cisco Sparkboard. Contestants will use the Sparkboard to draw out a network design for three remote judges who will choose the design that best meets the criteria of the challenge!

Tuesday, June 27th

When: 1 PM
Where: DevNet Zone
Who: Sankar Nair vs. Josh Anderson
What: Our second Sparkboard white boarding challenge has contestants designing an application flow on the Sparkboard for a new Spark bot application!

Wednesday, June 28th

When: 9 AM
Where: Social Media Lounge
Who: Erik Peterson vs. Josh Warcop
What: 2Ring sponsors their third episode. Contestants will race to complete the challenge first in this rapid fire race to configuration.


When: 1 PM
Where: DevNet Zone
Who: Ariel Liguori vs. Gaston Brait
What: Our final episode for Cisco Live brings us back to the Spark Board for a datacenter design white boarding challenge!


All episodes will have portions live streamed on our Facebook page.  Check that out here:

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