Engineering Deathmatch

Cisco Spark and Megabulk! (S2E5)

In this episode, sponsored by Cisco DevNet, the contestants are challenged by warehouse store Megabulk to create an application for them to bulk create and add users and rooms to teams to help them collaborate more effectively.  Chad Stachowicz returns from his loss last year to Anthony Holloway seeking redemption, but Chloe Kauffman wants to make sure he goes home with a second loss.  Who will win?  Watch to find out.

Here are the details of the challenge:

Mega Bulk

Mega Bulk is a new warehouse store that takes bulk buying to a new level.  Ever been to Sam’s Club or Costco and bought three months of toilet paper?  At Mega Bulk, their quantities start at three years!  But ordering all of these mass quantities of goods and getting them to the right place requires a lot of co-ordination between multiple team members.  In order to help with communications, Mega Bulk has decided to use Cisco Spark, but they want a way to easily bulk create new teams as needed.  They need you to help build the application that will bulk add users to teams as they get created for new projects.


In this challenge, the developer will be given a comma-separated template defining the file set up for users (names, email addresses, phone numbers, and assigned teams.)  A program or script should be created that can upload and read in the user info file, then leverage the Spark APIs to automatically create the required teams, rooms and user-association defined in the file.

1. The app will create all unique Teams that appear in the CSV file’s ‘teams’ field

  1. The app will place users into their assigned teams
    3. Each team will have the following same set of rooms created: Organization Chat, Team Chat, Customer Chat
    4. Each user will be placed into the three rooms in each team they are a member of.


Your application will be judged complete when you can take a user file provided and import users from that file into the appropriate teams and rooms defined within the file.

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