Engineering Deathmatch

2Ring Cisco Live Edition (S2E4)

What happens when you mix 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse, 2Ring DASHBOARDS and WALLBOARDS, an Elvis Cape, Las Vegas, and Engineering Deathmatch?  The next episode of Engineeing Deathmatch of course!  In our second episode focusing on 2Ring, contestants Brad Clarke and Josh Kittle battle to see who has the configuration chops to help out the National Gasket and O-Ring museum.  Who will come out on top in our first ever timed match?  You’ll have to watch to find out!

Want to see what the contestants had to do in order to win this match?  Read on:



The National Gasket and O-Ring museum in Bucksnort, TN has had such an increase in attendance that they have decided to require visitors to reserve time to visit the museum.  They have created two call center teams, one focused on scheduling appointments of visitors that call in and one that is dedicated to answering calls from philanthropist gasket owners that would like to donate pieces to the museum.  The museum staff need to implement 2Ring GADGETS for Cisco Finesse and 2Ring DASHBOARDS & WALLBOARDS in order to increase the effectiveness of each of these teams and allow a greater level of collaboration and accountability.  They have hired you to configure their 2Ring environment so they can bring the magic of gaskets to the rest of the world.

The gear that you will be using in this challenge includes the following:

Device IP Address Authentication
Communications Manager engdm


Contact Center Express



Pod Computer (to install compact agent) Computer User: Admin

Computer PW: engdeathmatch


Other handy information:

Item Location Authentication
2Ring Files for editing \\\c$\inetpub\wwwroot\deathmatch\administrator

Pw: EngD3athmatch!

2Ring GADGETS URL\administrator

Pw: EngD3athmatch!


Pw: admin

IVR Extension 1111 n/a


Contact Center Agents:

User ID Password Extension
bwayne cisco 1000
dprince cisco 1001


Tasks to Complete:

  • Assign Bruce Wayne to the reservations team and Diana Prince to the curator team within UCCX and then use those teams for different gadgets as defined below.
  • For each team:
    • Create a Finesse tab for 2Ring TEAM Gadget – 3 points
    • Create a Finesse tab for 2Ring BROWSER Gadget – 3 points
    • Set 2Ring infoPANEL Gadget as persistent Gadget – 5 points
    • Add CallHistory view to profile app in TEAM Gadget – 12 points
  • Bruce Wayne
    • TEAM Gadget, only shows agents from his team (no other teams), and only agents who are currently logged in (hide those that are offline) – 3 points
    • Configure button in infoPANEL – transfer to IVR – 6 points
    • Configure CallVariable editor
      • Allow agents to select value for CallVariable X using list of options (dropdown) – 10 points
      • Allow agent edit CallVariable Y using free text box. – 10 points
    • Diana Prince
      • TEAM Gadgets shows all teams – 3 points
      • Configure 2Ring ORCHESTRATOR (workflow) so on an incoming call it would do:
        • Take user to BROWSER tab in Finesse no matter where in Finesse agent is – 3 points
        • Use CallVariable X to create Bing tab and navigate Bing search engine to results – 7 points
        • Show message with caller number in infoPANEL like “Incoming call from 123456789” – 4 points
      • Once agent log ins to Finesse, automatically open/load 2Ring DW layout – no login required – 10 points
    • DW tasks


When all of the requirements above are met, you have successfully completed this challenge and can ask the Deathmatch proctor to validate your work.

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