Engineering Deathmatch

It’s Tropo Time! (S2E3)

Brony Time is the premiere party bus company for Bronies.  They have had a huge influx of customers and are asking the engineers to create a fully functional reservation for their party bus system.  Jeffrey Gisin and Robert Shade match up to see who can help the Bronies get to where they are going.

In this episode, sponsored by Cisco DevNet, contestants will create scripts that interact with the Cisco Tropo API to provide an application that leverages phone and SMS interactions to create reservations IVR.  Want to see if you can compete with our challengers?  Sign up for a free developer account at

Here are the challenge details:

Brony Time

Brony Time is Las Vegas’ premier party bus for adult male fans of the show My Little Pony. With demand at an all-time high and a high profile Brony convention coming to town, they have an urgent need to deploy a reservation system to keep up with demand. They are asking you to develop a Tropo application to automate the reservation process and take calls from customers to reserve their spot on one of their buses. If you can get this done in time for them, they will even offer to get you a costume of your favorite character and entrance to the convention.


Build a reservation system with Tropo that allows callers to schedule a ride on the bus. Brony time has two buses that run every hour and seat up to three people (those costumes take up a bit of space!). Reservation system should do the following:

  1. Ask callers if they want a reservation for today or tomorrow, currently Brony Time does not schedule further out than that, but even though the system asks for today or tomorrow, it should record the date.  (“Welcome to Brony time, what time would you like to schedule a ride on the bus?”)
  2. Ask what time the caller would like to schedule a pickup for (Brony Time picks up every hour from 6PM to 11PM)
  3. Check the schedule of available bus seats.  If no seats are available during that time, check the hour before and hour after and if seats are available, offer them those times instead.
  4. If any seats are available at that time, ask the caller for the costume that they will be wearing.  Valid options will be from a list including:
  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Applejack
  • Fluttershy
  • Rarity
  1. If someone else is wearing the same costume on one bus and seats are available on the other bus, schedule them to ride on the second bus, otherwise schedule them for any available seat.
  2. Confirm their reservation and offer to tell them what other characters they are traveling with (if anyone else is on their bus)
  3. When they are done, text the caller back with reservation details.


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