Engineering Deathmatch

Schedule for Cisco Live 2016

With four episodes filming at Cisco Live, we thought that maybe a schedule was in order so that you didn’t miss any of the exciting Deathmatch action!  If you’re going to be at Cisco Live, make sure to drop by and check out what our competitors are doing!

Monday, July 11th

1:00 PM : DevNet Zone

Amey Patil will take on Swati Ardeshna with a challenge focusing on network automation using APIC-EM


Tuesday, July 12th

9:00 AM : Social Media Central

Josh Kittle and Brad Clarke battle for supremacy in our second ever 2Ring focused match.

1:00 PM : DevNet Zone

Robert Shade and Jeff Gisin compete to develop custom telephony applications using Tropo.


Wednesday, July 13th

1:00 PM : DevNet Zone

Returning Engineering Deathmatch competitor Chad Stachowicz faces off against Chloe Kauffman in a match focusing on Cisco Spark APIs.


It looks like it’s going to be a great week at Cisco Live, a lot of talented engineers are set up and ready to compete!  If you’re not able to be there, make sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter accounts as we will be live streaming some of the episodes at the event.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!


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