Engineering Deathmatch

Deathmatch, LLC Announces Next Engineering Deathmatch Episode, Sponsored By Cisco Spark

AUSTIN, Texas-April 12,2016 – Deathmatch, LLC, creator of web TV show Engineering Deathmatch, today announced that on May 1st the next episode of Engineering Deathmatch will be filmed and will focus on development for the Cisco Spark collaboration platform. Cisco has opted to sponsor two episodes to promote the software APIs and development capabilities in the Tropo and Cisco Spark platforms.

Cisco selected Engineering Deathmatch because it stands out from the masses of other online videos and has strong opportunities for viral responses in the social space. With Engineering Deathmatch, Cisco can promote the Tropo and Spark platforms to new potential customers and bring awareness beyond their standard marketing efforts.

The expected benefits of the Cisco sponsorship include:

* Increased awareness of the Cisco Spark platform and APIs

* Increased awareness of the Cisco Tropo platform and APIs

* Highlight functionality and use cases for each of the platforms

* Generate interest in a wider customer and developer base

Deathmatch, LLC is the creator of unique IT focused videos that help companies promote their technologies to new and focused audiences. For ongoing news and future episodes of Engineering Deathmatch, please go to